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Virtual Office Tour Instructions

Welcome to "The Virtual Office Tour" instructions page!

The purpose of "The Virtual Office Tour," if you have not yet visited us in person, is to help to acquaint you with our office.

The "Virtual Office Tour" has been tested with various web browsers and as a result of these trials Microsoft Internet Explorer has been determined to be the most compatible with this website. Therefore, we suggest and advise visitors to employ Internet Explorer for best results when visiting this site.

When you click any one of the "Take the Virtual Tour!" links located on the pages of the website you will automatically be directed to a Google Maps page.

A map of a section of Long Island will appear on your screen for a few moments. During this brief period of time the "Virtual Office Tour" will be in the process of loading. Please allow a few moments for this activity to complete.

After "The Virtual Office Tour" has loaded you will be presented with a view from inside our office facing the hallway and the entrance door.

From either this initial position or from any other position in the tour, if you are using Internet Explorer you may enlarge the width of your display by removing the left side panel on the Google page.

This is easily accomplished by clicking the arrow at the top of, and just to the left of the image area. Placing your mouse pointer over the arrow will reveal the words "Hide panel." Click the arrow and the panel will hide thereby providing you with a wider, more convenient full-screen view.

You may then navigate throughout the office in several ways.

Placing your mouse pointer on the "N" button of the outer ring of the compass, which is located in the upper left corner of your screen will allow you to move in a 360 degree circular path.

You may also place your mouse pointer against any office wall and with a move of your mouse pointer you will be able to "move" the room in a 360 degree circle.

You can enter a room by clicking on either the arrow or the highlighted circle which will, when you move your mouse pointer, appear on the floor, and once inside a room you may use the compass to turn around within the room space.

You may use the "+" and the "-" buttons to zoom in and to zoom out of the image.

At anytime and at any point in the tour if you wish to return to the website simply click the left "back" arrow at the top left side of the browser!

Please feel free to roam about all areas of our office!

If you should have any questions regarding the operation of the website itself please click upon the "contact" link located at the very bottom of any page of the website!

I truly hope that you enjoy the "Virtual Office Tour!" and we look forward to your visit to our office in person! 


Thank you,

Dr. George Lehner

Complete Medical Family Care PLLC



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