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Patient Privacy Policies and Practices at Complete Medical Family Care PLLC

All patients of Complete Medical Family Care PLLC and George Lehner M.D. are assured of absolute privacy as well as complete confidentiality of their medical records which includes all personal information provided to us.

Unfortunately, many medical offices are still employing a rather old and antiquated system, as shown in the image below, of filing and storing sensitive and confidential patient information by the use of paper folders to contain their patient's medical information papers.

When the patient's medical folder is returned to the filing cabinet, should the folder become replaced in a different location within the cabinet from which it originally came or if it should be mistakenly relocated to a completely different cabinet, then the patient's next visit to that particular medical office may involve quite a significant delay until the patient's misplaced medical file is finally located. In such an antiquated filing system, as shown above, locating and recovering a misplaced file can involve a lengthy, significant as well as an unfortunate and inconvenient passage of time before the patient can be seen during their next visit to that medical office!

This  unfortunate situation can NEVER occur at Complete Medical Family Care.

Here is why.

Complete Medical Family Care does not store any patient's personal or medical information in paper folders. All medical information on paper, coming into the office regarding our patients, is scanned upon arrival, and it is then digitized and encrypted. It then becomes securely contained within our state-of-the-art password-protected patient information storage system as represented below:

The original paperwork, and every bit of the confidential information which had been contained upon it, is then completely and thoroughly shredded.

Absolutely no one, except authorized medical office personnel, will ever have any access whatsoever to any part of the confidential information contained within your medical file.

Whenever new information is appended to your medical file or information already stored in your file needs to be reviewed, it is instantaneously available only to our authorized medical personnel. There are no incorrectly filed folders to search for, and in addition, our state-of-the-art patient information storage system is completely and automatically backed-up with each and every review and new entry of updated information!

If certain non-essential medical information should be determined to be no longer pertinent for retention it is deleted from the system. Every bit of such non-essential patient information is completely erased and is thus rendered absolutely un-recoverable by any means whatsoever!

The privacy and confidentiality of your medical records, as well as any other private and personal information which you provide and entrust to us becomes, and remains, our duty to protect!


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