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A brief introduction to the "Getting Here" Page

from George Lehner M.D.


George Lehner M.D.


I have taken the liberty of including the "Getting Here" page on my website, as a courtesy, and in an effort to help to make your travel to and from my office Complete Medical Family Care as easy and direct as possible.

The instructions below refer specifically to the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser which is recommended for the absolutely best viewing experience here on our website. If you do not have Microsoft Internet Explorer on board you can download the latest and most compatible version, which has been designed and developed for your particular Windows-based operating system, and get it from our Home Page by clicking HERE

NOTE: Employment of a web browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer may provide undesirable results!

When planning your trip, clicking the "Getting Here" link below will take you to a Google maps page. On the left side of the page there are two data (2) input fields. They are labeled "A" and "B"

The "B" input field has already been completed for you and it contains the address of my office. All you need do, in the "A"  input field, is to key in the address that you will be traveling from and then click the "Get Directions" button which is located directly below the "A" and "B" input fields. You may also, in lieu of a specific address, key in the exact and full names of any intersection of two connecting roads as a starting point. It is very important to provide the accurate and correct spelling of the road names and/or numbered streets since the directions which will be provided for you will be determined solely by the precise information which you have entered!

The map page will provide you with excellent turn-by-turn and error-free directions to my office!

Planning your return trip is just as easy! Simply click the up/down arrow box directly to the right of the "A" and "B" input fields and you will instantly be given the turn-by-turn directions, based upon the information previously entered,  to get you back to the beginning point of your trip.

Scroll down the page, using the scroll bar on the left side of the map, to view the entire listing of the turn-by-turn directions.

The map, by default, assumes that you will be traveling by automobile, however if you are using an alternate means of transportation, clicking the specific icon above the "A" and "B" input fields will allow you to select that particular means of transportation.

From left to right, the alternate means of transportation icons are representative of travel by public transportation, walking or  bicycling.

You may also print out the turn-by-turn round-trip directions to take along with you, by clicking the printer icon which is above and just to the right of the "A" and "B" input fields.

Whether you use the "Getting Here" link below on this page or the "Getting Here" link on any other page of the website, when you wish to return to Complete Medical Family Care click on the map page "back arrow" located at the top left side of your web browser until you arrive back upon the page which you left.

Thank you!

Dr. George Lehner


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